3D Runner: The 3d printed sneaker by Adidas

Adidas is always where we're not waiting for him. And i think it's a good point, specially for a sportwear shoe maker to always innovate.

By innovation i want to say the 3d printed sneaker that adidas is commercialising. Yeah i said 3d printed sneaker. It is named ''3D runners'' and cost 333 dollars.

But attention, this is a limited edition that you can find only in London, Tokyo and New-York by booking online and picking up at the store. The 3 stripes brand don't pretend to commercialized as a big serie like he gonna do with the sneakers he made from recycling ocean's bag made with a 3d printer.

You maybe remember those shoes, the adidas Futurecraft. Yes you do, it was during the 2016 Rio Olympic Game. Some Athletes sponsorized by Adidas had that recycling 3D printed shoes on the track field.

But we are still curious to know a little bit more about it. So this shoe is an engineered process made with a 3D web construction eliminating the glue and the stitch process. The midsoles looks like the knitting of 3printed plastic web. This midsole is made specially to absorb the impacts during the effort made by the runner and makes it very light.

It is a great job realised by Adidas but he has to noticed that he is not alone on this market and other brands like Nike or New balance also released their own 3d printed sneakers.

Now we have to keep an eye on those differents brands and see what are the next innovations and commercialization.

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