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Self driving system for all Tesla vehicles

Hi Everyone and welcome in the future. I'm saying future because we are going from surprise to surprise specially with Elon Musk that after announcing his plan to go to Mars ''SPACE X'' is now planning to equiped all his vehicles with a self driving system.

All of this is due for the end of 2017 after Tesla founder's annoucement was made in november 2016.

A couple of manufacturers like General Motors, Google, Baidu have plan for that kind of project but not before 2019 minimum because of how complex the task is.

Elon wants to use for that the LIDAR sensor that allow a graphic representation of the environnement, a forward facing radar, Supercomputer Nvidia for the brain, 8 cameras around the car. He also wants to use the data coming from all his electrical vehicles on the road around the world and with their databases.

One demonstration of Proof of concept is to cross the United states from Los Angeles to New-York soon.

I don't know for you but i wish we were the end of 2017. ;-).

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