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PineTime: The open source smartwatch running Linux on ARM Mbed OS / FreeRTOS

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After Pine64 which is a big community for hardware just announced this the Pinebook ( a $99 notebook running Linux) and the Pinephone an open source smartphone running Linux. It reminds me of the raspberry pi Laptop.

They now announced an open source smartwatch that should run a linux operating system such as FreeRTOS or Mbed OS.

PineTime Smartwatch

The PineTime is supposed to come in 2 phases. One first release in October for the developpers. This is done this way because Pitime will be an open source smartwatch that run linux. That will give time to the developpers around the world to code for the watch and also see how the people react to it. If there are positive reviews, Pine64 may consider a release in 2020 of the watch for the public.

This piece of technlogy should be around $25. What makes a big difference with the Apple watch and the samsung smartwatch for your wallet. Pine64 considers the wach more a side project since they want to focus on the Smartphone and the laptop. The smartwatch being more a extension to the smartphone such as Apple Watch before the serie 3 (Not connected to the phone network)

Technical specifications

Beside of that, here at the tech specifications for the watch:

  • A 64 MHz processor: ARM Cortex M4

  • A embedded Linux OS (FreeRTOS, Mbed OS or another one)

  • A dock for charging

  • A couple of days for the autonomy depending of use

  • A vibrator

  • Bluetooth BLE (low consumption)

  • A pulse sensor

  • A 240x240 screen

  • And more

More details on the project can be found with the following link: PineTime the open source smartwatch running Linux OS

Future of the smartwatch

Do you plan on acquiring one?

How well do you think this product will work?

Do you think it wil be a rival to Android OS and the Iphone? Let me know your thoughts

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Source: Pine64

Pine 64 who has a big community