STEM after-school program for children on robotics in Maryland and Washington DC

Hi friend makers,

The new scholar year is about to start and Makersgeneration is proud to announce a few new STEM workshops and after-school programs on robotics, programming, 3d printing and more in Washington DC and Maryland.

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1°) Robotics after-school programs for kids in Maryland

But now, we want to talk to you about the STEM events in Maryland and washington DC coming this september for your kids. So those will be a STEM robotics after-school and splitted in 3 different sessions.

It will be hosted at the Silver Spring Liibrary in Maryland for 1 hour (7 - 8 pm) and open to everybody from 8 years old and older.

These are free events.

2°) Program for the robotics after-school

The main topic as I said will revolve around robotics and the basis of programming for robotics:

  • Basis of robotics

  • Basis of programming

  • Introduction to the software used

  • Use coding to move our robot

  • and more

This STEM workshops is programmed on 3 sessions and hosted at the Silver Spring Liibrary in Maryland at these dates and times:

  • September 4th 2018: 7-8 pm, room 3-1, 3rd floor

  • September 11th 2018: 7-8 pm, room 3-1, 3rd floor

You can subscribe to our workshop with the following link: STEM workshops how to program a robot for kids in Wahsington DC and Maryland

If you want more events and choose your own topics (electronics, robotics, programming, drone, 3d printing and more), you can choose one or more in our weekly after-school program what works better for you and your children during the week-end in Maryland or Washington DC area.

You can subscribe to our weekly after-school program with the following link: STEM after-school program in Maryland and Washington DC

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See you soon for more STEM articles and tutorials.

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