Inmoov the robot: How to build an human size opensource robot with a 3D printer

Hi Everyone,

You like robots?!?! Newspapers and famous personnalities say that they gonna be everywhere in a close furure. You maybe want to create your own DIY robot but don't know where to start. Just sit down, I got something for you. ;-)

A french designer and maker called ''Gaël Langevin'' has designed and built a human size humanoid robot with a home 3D printer.

He started by designing the hand following for a project in 2012, 3D printed it and add electronics such as Arduino mega boards to control the servomotors that control the entire fingers. Then he kept working to make the arm and the forearm.

All this done, he made a humanoid head wich can speak, see and even answer questions.

After years of improvement to finish the trunk and the rest of the body, he travelled and still travels around the world to show and introduce his projects. He actually finished designing the entire robot from toe to head even that the robot doesn't walk on it's feet yet. But this is a huge project to make a robot walk like a human being that some scientists still work on today. The project is opensource and open hardware, so if you want to help Gaël, You are more than welcome to help.

As I said before, you can build your own robot from home with your 3D printer not bigger than 12x12x12cm or 5x5x5 inches. All the softwares, hardwares, and schematics are available on his website for you and all opensource and openhardware. Follow the link to start building yours: Inmoov: How to build a open source real size humanoid robot with a FDM 3D printer

You'll need to get some arduino boards, screws, servomotors, connectors, wires, etc.

A nice video of the robot is waiting for you at the en of the article.

The Inmoov arm has also been use on another project for a prosthetic arm for a maker call Nicolas Huchet or Bionico.The project's name is Myhumankit. Have a look on his project with the following link: 3d printed Prosthesis bionico

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By waiting the next article, wish you a nice robotics day. :-)))

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