You or your children want to learn:


  • Coding
  • 3D Modeling
  • Eectronics
  • Video games
  • and more


Known that it is possible online for a pretty good price of $30 (no engagement required). It is every Sunday (3 last Sundays of the month) during 45 minutes.


You have 4 different online live classes that can be choosen depending of your age:


  • 7-11 years old: Coding, 3D modeling, video game
  • 12- 17 years: python for beginner
  • Adults 1st group: Learn electronics from scratch
  • Adults 2nd group: learn coding from scratch with python


The replay will be available for those of you who can't assist on one Sunday


There are the different time and dates for the next coming month (Februarry). The dates will be displayed for each coming month:


  • Sunday April 12th 2020
  • Sunday April 19th 2020
  • Sunday April 26th 2020


Time for the differents project and age groups:


  • 7-11 years old: Sundays (45 minutes): 7 am ( -5 GMT)
  • 12- 17 years: Sundays (45 minutes) : 8 am (-5 GMT)
  • Adults 1st group: Sundays ( 45 minutes) : 9am ( -5 GMT)
  • Adults 2nd group: (45 minutes): 11am (-5 GMT)


You can choose the age group and he project on the right side of the screen.

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