The Uno R3 development starter kit is made for you if you want to learn how to program and manipulate the Uno R3 board ( Arduino Uno copy with a better price and same features)and start prototyping all the basic electronic components and sensors you can wire with it.


With all the parts in this package, you can start prototyping and easily create projects like:


  • A blinking led

  • A light detector

  • And more


This starter kit includes:


  • 1 - 840 contacts breadboard for prototyping

  • 1 Uno board

  • 2 PNP Transistors

  • 5 Leds

  • 10 resistors 10 kohm

  • 10 resistors 100 kohms

  • A set of 30 wires

  • 1 light sensor

  • 10 Diodes

  • 1 battery holder (2 AA Batteries)




N.B: Picture is not contractual. Please read the what's included in the starter kit.

Atmega Uno R3 Board starter development kit forelectronic prototyping