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Summer Camp 2024

You are looking for nice summer camp in Washington DC in STEM for your children where they can learn programming, tinkering, 3D printing, electronics, create robots, how to code a drone, make a video game and more.

electronics for beginner camp in Washing

1st week: June 26th to June 30th 2023

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2nd week: July 3rd to July 7th 2023

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3rd week: July 10th to July 14th 2023

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Online After School

You are looking for a nice after-school program for your children where they can learn coding, how to make a website, make a video game and more. Makersgeneration  offers STEM after-school programs for kids ONLINE for this spring

Learn How to Code!

8 - 11 years old - Tuesdays - Learn how to code with Scratch - 5 to 5:45 pm

Online after school program: How to learn scratch coding games

Learn Python

12 - 16 years old - Tuesdays - How to learn Python coding from scratch - 6 to 6:45 pm

Online after school program: How to learn Python coding from scratch

Learn how to make a website

12 - 16 years old - Wednesdays - Learn how to make a website with HTML & CSS - 5 to 5:45 pm

Online after school program: Learn how to make a website with HTML and CSS

composents electroniques taille reduites.jpg

What Clients Say

I recommend it for everyone who have kids who like technology. They learn robotics, coding and share all that with us when at home later. They said "It was the best part of the week"

Angela Miller

  • What's the age range for the Summer Camp?
    The age range goes from 5 years old to 16 years old. And will be separated by groups: - 5 to 7 years old - 8 to 11 years old - 12 to 16 years old
  • How are children's age manage during the camp
    The children are separated in different groups that goes by age range: - 5 to 7 years old - 8 to 11 years old - 12 to 16 years old
  • How can I book a summer camp for my children?
    You can go online on our website, choose and book a camp by the week, age range, or more depending of your availability and your child's age.
  • Where is the summer camp located?
    It will be located at the "Glenmont united Methodist church". - 12901 Georgia Ave, Silver Spring, MD 20906
  • How do you manage the health care aspect?
    The instructors have CPR and 1st Aid Certification. We are also working with a registered nurse. A health plan is available to make sure a protocol and follow is made to keep the children safe. When checking out, a form with the child's health and condition will be asked (allergies, medications, etc) when registering the child for the sessions. Do you hesitate to ask if you have any concerns at the following: - @: - Phone: 240-445-6775
  • What does day look like at the camp?
    A schedule is available right below:
  • What to bring at the camp?
    The children should bring: - Enough water for the day - Non perishable food for their lunch - Different snacks to eat during the whole day - Sunscreen when playing outside - Spare change of clothes for the smaller children ( 5 to 7 years old) - And anything your child may need
  • What type of food should I give my child?
    - This is a nut free camp. Please be careful with this since it is very IMPORTANT for the camp's safety. - It is advised to give them non perishable food. - They should have enough water to last the day. - They should have enough snacks to last the day.
  • Is there a before and after-care?
    There is a before care that starts at 7:45 am for the early drop-off. There is also a after-care that finishes at 5:30 pm. You can choose to enroll your child when buying the session on the website.
  • Is there an outside playtime?
    We do have breaks, time to play outside, relax and do other things that are not STEM related. You can also check the schedule to have an idea of what a typical day looks like.
  • How are we contacted if needed?
    All your information (phone, emails) and the child information will be required when registering for the camp. And also the information of adults beside of the parents/guardians who can pick-up the child. A group will also be available to exchange with us during the camp.
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